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Remember Your Thermostat During HVAC Maintenance

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The thermostat is an easy item to overlook. It is usually modest in size and design and hangs silently on the wall. People often remember it only as they change the temperature, but even then, the homeowner may think only of their HVAC system. The vital role of thermostats means that homeowners should value them enough to replace or repair the units as needed. Read on to learn more.

Manage Utility Costs

Inaccurate temperatures can cause utility bills to rise. A thermostat that needs calibration could inaccurately read the air temperature. The mistake could cause the furnace or AC system to run and heat or cool the air more than necessary. The extra cycles can increase utility bills for the homeowner.

The cost of extra use can increase bills quickly. According to the Department of Energy, it is possible to save as much as 10 percent on annual heating and cooling costs by turning the furnace back between 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day. A system that runs inaccurately could do so 24 hours each day, with homeowners unaware of how far off they are from their intended temperature.

Improve Household Comfort

Saving money by reducing how much the HVAC system heats or cools the home when it is empty is made easier with modern thermostats that do not affect the comfort of the residents. Automatic setting controls enable people to set timers for frugal use when no one is at home and have the temperatures change to a more comfortable setting before people arrive.

Saving money is a benefit for the homeowner, but for many people, the best part is the comfort. Older thermostats only allow people to adjust the temperature manually once they are in the home. That method means that they must enter and sit in a cold or hot home until the HVAC system can reach the preferred temperature. Remote and timed settings prevent discomfort.

Protect the Home

Homeowners rely on their thermostats to take care of the home when no one is around. Control becomes especially important during the winter. A non-working furnace on a cold day could become a severe concern for the homeowner. A few hours may cool the home enough to make it unbearably cold for pets left alone, a full day or night could be much worse.

If a thermostat stops working, the furnace will no longer receive the signal to turn on. The home could become cold enough for the water pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes can burst and cause icy water to coat the home and cause extensive property damage.

People often leave their homes for days at a time during winter as they travel for the holidays or seek shelter from the cold in a warm vacation destination. Frozen pipes sometimes occur overnight as people sleep in their warm beds unaware of the house becoming cold. Sometimes it happens as the residents leave for school and work.

A modern, maintained thermostat can ensure the home stays climate controlled without interruption. The chances of a breakdown drop dramatically with regular maintenance. Modern systems even enable homeowners to monitor the temperature of their homes remotely, so they instantly see any temperature drop. 

Signal Other Problems

An issue with a thermostat could mean a problem with the wiring or with the furnace. The homeowner may only notice the problem because of their difficulties with the accuracy of the thermostat. Maintenance for the thermostat can help to point out problems like faulty wires in the thermostat or the wall or help the homeowner discover a bad fuse.

Repairs and recalibrations of the thermostat should take place during annual HVAC inspections. Replacement of thermostats should occur whenever the home receives a new HVAC system. Address accuracy concerns immediately. We can help with HVAC repairs and replacements and thermostat issues and much more. Contact us today. 

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