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    Heat Pump Repair Services – Ace Mechanical Inc.

    Heat pumps are versatile appliances that are very popular with homeowners in the Virginia Beach area. One of the most convenient things about owning a heat pump is that it can keep your home comfortable all year long. This is due to its ability to provide both warm and cool air depending on your current needs. However, this also means that your household heat pump will probably see quite a bit of usage and take on consistent wear and tear. As a result of that, there’s always a chance that a mechanical problem will suddenly occur with your heat pump—even if you take excellent care of the appliance. That’s where our team at Ace Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. comes in. Our skilled HVAC technicians are always available to handle whatever heat pump repairs you need in your Virginia Beach household.

    Is Your Heat Pump Under the Weather?

    When your heat pump is running smoothly, it’s easy to take it for granted. But since you rely on it year-round for comfort, it tends to be instantly noticeable when the appliance isn’t working properly. Ultimately, that’s a good thing, because it means you’ll have the chance to be proactive about having the heat pump repaired. When your heat pump needs to be repaired, getting it taken care of by professionals early can save you a large chunk of money on the cost of the fix. Plus, the quicker you get the appliance repaired, the less discomfort you and your family will need to experience in your home.

    Ace Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., our HVAC technicians are highly experienced in working with heat pumps. Using their training and knowledge, they’ll be able to achieve an accurate diagnosis of what’s ailing your household system and determine the most prudent solution. When our team repairs an HVAC system, the last thing we want is for you to be dealing with similar problems a few months down the road. That’s why we make a point to find thorough, long-lasting fixes for all kinds of mechanical issues.

    So, how do you know that your heat pump needs to be repaired? In most cases, there will be telltale signs that you can look for. As soon as you observe any of them, you should temporarily stop using your heat pump and schedule an appointment with our heat pump experts.

    Weak or Inconsistent Airflow – If your heat pump can’t effectively circulate air, then it can’t do its job of keeping your household comfortable. In some cases, weak or inconsistent airflow can be caused by something like a clogged air filter or dirty ductwork. However, it could also be due to a mechanical issue with your heat pump’s fan, blower motor, or another component. Our team will closely examine your HVAC system and determine what needs to be fixed.

    Loud Noises – Heat pumps aren’t the quietest appliances, and even when yours is healthy, you may hear a bit of noise while it’s running. But if you start to hear an unusually loud clicking noise or any other strange sounds, it most likely means that there’s a mechanical problem beneath the surface. There are many different issues that odd noises could indicate, but our technicians will have no problem locating the source of the symptom.

    Worsening Energy Efficiency – One reason heat pumps are so appealing is that they are very energy-efficient. As long as you treat your heat pump well, your heating and cooling costs should remain affordable all year long. So, if you suddenly see an unexplained spike in your energy costs during the summer or winter, it could mean that an equipment problem is hampering your heat pump’s efficiency. Because the warning sign is fairly ambiguous, it will require a comprehensive HVAC inspection to determine why your energy bills are rising.

    Incorrect Air Temperature – What makes heat pumps unique is their ability to both cool and heat your home, and you can switch between the two modes with the press of a button or flick of a switch. But sometimes, your heat pump may not be circulating the correct temperature of air for what your living space needs. For example, a malfunctioning heat pump may start blowing warm air while it’s in cooling mode during the summer. When this type of issue arises, it could mean that there’s a problem with one of the unit’s coils. It could also mean that the appliance is leaking refrigerant. Whatever the cause turns out to be, it will be important that you have the system checked out by our trained experts as soon as possible.

    Keeping Your Heat Pump Healthy

    If you’re willing to put in a bit of time and effort, there are measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of your heat pump having mechanical problems. Granted, you can never guarantee that an appliance will remain perfectly healthy, but you can certainly improve the odds. Listed below are a few helpful tips for maintaining your heat pump to keep it running smoothly and efficiently year-round.

    • Replace the air filters regularly
    • Give the appliance rest whenever possible
    • Periodically clean the outdoor unit
    • Clear the condensate drain each year
    • Check for leaks occasionally
    • Have the appliance inspected by professionals once per year

    Trusted Virginia Beach HVAC Professionals

    Ace Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we understand how important the health of your heat pump is for the comfort of your Virginia Beach area home. That’s why our friendly technicians make themselves available to assist you with any heat pump repairs that you may need. We approach every repair job with care, precision, and professionalism, and our team doesn’t call it a day until the project has been handled correctly. We’ll also keep you in the loop throughout the entire process and answer any questions you have with complete honesty. If you’d like to learn more about what we offer or schedule an appointment, simply give us a call today.

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