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Why Do I Have to Keep Pushing the Reset Button on My Furnace?

A tripping reset button quickly becomes frustrating when you rely on your furnace to keep you warm during the long winter months. The question, “Why does my furnace keep tripping the reset button?” raises many potential answers. Learn why you have a tripping furnace reset button from the experts at the top furnace repair company.

What Does the Reset Button on My Furnace Do?

Every furnace has a reset button to safely turn off your system if it overheats. Usually found in the furnace’s blower compartment, reset buttons require you to physically switch them back on to use your furnace again. Without a furnace reset button, an overheated system could make your circuit breakers trip.

Why Does the Reset Button Keep Tripping?

Constantly pushing your furnace’s reset button means that you need to address a problem with the heating unit itself. Many situations can cause your reset button to trip, including:


Furnaces have vents that maximize airflow throughout the system. Open them to ensure air circulation and prevent your furnace from overheating.

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters block air from circulating in your furnace. Changing out air filters keeps your system running with clean, accessible air.

Gas Valve Blockages

Furnaces rely on gas valves for proper airflow. If you have closed or blocked gas valves, clean them off and open them to reduce the chances of overheating.

Blocked Flame Sensor

Your heater can’t do its job with a dirty or blocked flame sensor. Take time to clean it off or ensure no blockages so your furnace can keep you warm.

Loss of Fuel

If your gas or oil furnace doesn’t have regular access to its fuel, it may trip the reset switch. Check your fuel levels to keep your heater running.

How to Keep Your Heater Reset Button from Tripping

If you’re asking, “Why does my furnace keep tripping the reset button?”, use the steps below to troubleshoot the issue before calling your local HVAC experts.

1. Practice Safe Troubleshooting

Before diving into your furnace to find out why the reset button keeps tripping, take steps to ensure your safety while working on it. If you have a gas furnace, turn your gas line off.

Next, flip the furnace switch to the off position. Finally, disconnect your furnace from its power supply, usually located on a particular breaker on your electrical panel.

2. Check Your Air Filter

Many homeowners forget to change their furnace’s air filter, especially at the beginning of the winter season. Exchange a dirty air filter for a clean one, then wait 30 minutes before reconnecting your furnace and firing it up. Double-check that the filter cover closes properly.

3. Trip the Reset Button

Sometimes, the reset button tripped due to a minor malfunction, meaning that you don’t need to fix anything. Try hitting the reset button yourself and see if the furnace stays on before trying other troubleshooting steps.

4. Check Your Fuel Levels

Owning an oil furnace means ensuring that the furnace has enough oil to function correctly. If your reset button keeps tripping, top off the oil tank and hit the reset button. You should always have oil on hand for potential fuel problems since an empty oil tank may damage your furnace.

5. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Check every vent inside and outside your furnace to ensure the unit has enough airflow. Closed vent registers or blocked exterior vents can make your furnace overheat.

6. Check Sensors and Valves

Sometimes, your furnace may have a dirty flame sensor preventing the system from working correctly. You also want to check that you’ve opened the gas valves and ensure that the pilot light stays lit.

7. Check the Thermostat

A failing thermostat or one with dying batteries may not communicate properly with your furnace. Hit your reset button, then adjust the temperature and see what happens. If your reset button keeps tripping despite everything else seeming to work fine, you may need an HVAC specialist to check the wiring between your thermostat and heater.

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